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About Us

Flex Foods Mission Statement

The concept and mission of Flex Foods can be summed up in one old cliché “You are what you eat”. We believe that healthier food options should be readily available to anyone who makes the decision to take charge of their life through their diet and lifestyle.

What is Flex Foods?

Flex Foods is a food delivery program that incorporates fresh product, caloric controls and healthier cooking techniques. Originating from the strict diets of bodybuilders and figure competitors, Flex Foods has evolved into a mainstream ever changing method of controlling what and how much food clients consume. We are NOT nutritionists or dieticians, although we do consult with both. We are professional cooks, chefs and trainers who compete or simply enjoy this way of life and have found a way to share their knowledge of healthier lifestyles and diets with those who desire to take charge of their own lives by doing the same.

Why Flex Foods?

In today’s world time is at a premium. Between the stresses of work, raising a family, cleaning, paying the bills and simply the rigors of everyday life its no wonder we have no time for anything else. It is simply easier to hit a drive through or fast food place and eat what they have to offer than take the time to shop, prep, cook and clean up, and especially for healthier options. We can take that stress off of your hands. 66% of our great country is overweight. 33% is obese. That’s why Flex Foods.

How Does Flex Foods Work?

At Flex Foods We use the same basic formulas bodybuilders use to determine their own Basal Metabolic Rates (simply the calories you need to maintain your current lean muscle mass). From there we determine your specific goals for your gender and body style classified by brackets, super dieter-dieter-maintenance, lean bulker, bulker and super bulker.
Unlike other delivery companies, you choose your meals from a large menu and they are prepared based on your specific meal plan goals. Then we deliver them fresh twice a week straight to your door.

Flex-Foods-ChickenOur Cooking

We use clean cooking techniques and fresh ingredients. Lean cuts of meat and fish, heart healthy oils, whole grains and brown rice. Good healthier choices prepared by real chefs and cooks. What good is a diet if you don’t like the food? You will cheat. If you never feel as though you are getting enough food; you will cheat. We can work with you daily on these issues. In order to develop the extreme physiques you see on stage and magazines, bodybuilders and figure competitors diet for months. While necessary for our sport, they are monotonous, boring diets, full of repetition and eventually a painful caloric deprivation. There is NO reason in the world that people simply trying to look and feel better about themselves should ever have to go to those extremes.