Success Stories

Shannon Colavecchio, CEO and Founder, Badass Fitness

Juggling my 9-5 communications job with my “full-time passion” job as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, fitness blogger and FitFluential Ambassador doesn’t leave me much free time to prepare clean, healthy meals. That is why I count on the expert team at Flex Foods to provide me with three daily meals packed with flavor, lean protein and just the right amount of good carbs. This food isn’t just delicious – it is vital to keeping me fueled for 2-a-day workouts and multiple client sessions that start before dawn and end after dark. Several of my clients noticed how I had leaned out in recent weeks, and they’re on the Flex Foods train as well! I love it!

Richard “DickBo” Bokinsky II

The time-consuming journey of a bodybuilder is one of trial and error. Food preparation can be just as exhausting, both mentally and physically, as the training itself. Flex Foods and their staff provided me the invaluable service of delicious and conveniently delivered food which meet my offseason and pre-contest specifications. Before Flex Foods came into my life, contest prep included not only the responsibility of acquiring the proper knowledge of dieting, but cooking the food, counting the macros, portioning, Tupperware packaging, and oh yeah…doing the dishes! The end result was bland tasting food that may or may not spoil over the next few days. With Flex Foods, my tasty meals are delivered fresh everyday. My portions are exactly what I need. I also have several hours each week spared from slaving in the kitchen. There’s no think-work involved! It’s too easy! I contribute much of my success in becoming a nationally qualified bodybuilder to the guidance and service of Flex Foods. I could not imagine doing another contest prep without these guys in my corner ALL DAY!

Kim Jones

My name is Kim Jones and I am the Fitness Director of Gold’s Gym on Capital Circle NE here in Tallahassee. I have been a nationally certified personal trainer since 2003. I am also a former USA and FSU track and field athlete. I decided to start Flex Foods because my schedule had gotten to be so busy that I just did not have the time to cook healthy food for myself. Flex foods provides me with the quality of food to improve my fitness level and my own physic.
As a personal trainer, I recommend Flex Foods to all of my clients. The thing I love most about Flex is that they customize the food to match the client’s specific goals. Rather your goal is weight lose, or to lean out, or to bulk, or just maintain, Flex Foods provides its clients with all goals. In closing, I have been very happy with the quality, variety, and good taste of Flex Foods!

Greg Picinic – Livin’ In The Cut Barbershop

In November 2009, a couple months after I opened up my barbershop, I met Flex Foods and their staff. I explained to them my love for fried foods, eating a lot, and my lack of success in dieting. I was missing my passions of playing sports and staying active. I was weighing in at 290. Well that was the highest I ever saw on the scale at least. When I first moved to Tallahassee, I was probably around 210 and fit.
Tim suggested I try out his meals. He also told me since I had grown such an attachment to eating out and bad, to eat his meals 5 days a week and have the weekends to myself. This made a lot of sense to me. I could have my 4 meals prepared, portioned properly, and delivered straight to my door. This was perfect for my busy schedule. Well a problem arose, there were some foods I was allergic to and some foods that I just did not like the taste of. In my eyes it was problem but not in the eyes of Flex Foods. They were able to cater my meals with my goals and my likes.

V. Fusco

We use flex foods to be able to workout, go to college, work and have an evening with our child. It was really hard for me to Lose wight until. I heard about flex foods. Our family would not eat dinner until 8 pm-9pm. On a good day we would get 7:30. We are very grateful for flex foods. Your company has made it possible for me to lose 15 lbs since February, which I still have 30 more to go. We are now a closer family and I have a better relationship with my 13 year old. It is all due to flex foods. Thank you very much!

David Alterbaum

I cannot say enough good things about Flex Foods! They are THE reason I survived my three years in Tallahassee. I began Flex Foods upon arriving in Tallahassee and continued it throughout the three years I was in school there. For three years, four meals a day, five days a week, meals arrived hot and ready at my door every morning and kept me from being hungry.

Brian Dahlen

Whether you are trying to gain weight or loose weight. Diet is 80% of what you are trying to do. If not more. Its not easy at all. But Flex food really helped lay out an easy to follow nutrition plan so that I could achieve my goals. I am still trying to reach my larger goals. Flex is the biggest reason that I have gotten to where I am today. And Flex will continue to be a staple in helping me in this process. Eat healthy and succeed in the golas you have!!
"Excellence is not an act, But a habit."
Brian Dahlen