This Week’s Menu


Monday-Wednesday Selections

*New Item* Beef Pot Pie

Savory diced beef stewed in a thickened beef stock with peppers, onions, celery, peas, carrots, and diced potatoes and baked in a flaky pie crust.

Diet: Calories: 421 Protein: 36g Carbs: 23g Fiber: 1.7g Fat: 20g Sodium: 540mg

Maintenance: Calories: 543 Protein: 53g Carbs: 23g Fiber: 1.7g Fat: 25g Sodium: 564mg

Bulk Calories: 748 Protein: 63g Carbs: 39g Fiber: 3g Fat: 36g Sodium: 655mg

*New Item* Carbonara Pasta

Parmesan cream sauce with applewood smoked bacon, diced ham, green peas, onions, peppers, and mushrooms tossed together served over Linguini noodles.

Diet: Calories: 380 Protein: 19g Carbs: 27g Fiber: 3.3g Fat: 22g Sodium: 391mg

Maintenance: Calories: 569 Protein: 30g Carbs: 41g Fiber: 4.4g Fat: 32g Sodium: 471mg

Bulk Calories: 761 Protein: 38g Carbs: 63g Fiber: 5.4g Fat: 40g Sodium: 820mg

Buffalo Chicken Tender Salad (Keto friendly)

Fresh chicken breast tenders chopped and tossed in buffalo wing sauce served over salad mix, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, hardboiled eggs, shredded carrots, and a side of ranch dressing.

Diet: Calories: 419 Protein: 47g Carbs: 8g Fiber: 3g Fat: 19g Sodium: 556mg

Maintenance: Calories: 462 Protein: 56g Carbs: 10g Fiber: 3g Fat: 20g Sodium: 570mg

Bulk: Calories: 505 Protein: 64g Carbs: 16g Fiber: 3g Fat: 21g Sodium: 585mg

Cajun Chicken

Blackened boneless skinless chicken breast, served with jalapeno seared cabbage, red beans, and yellow rice.

Diet: Calories: 423 Protein: 37g Carbs: 44g Fiber: 6g Fat: 11g Sodium: 533mg

Maintenance: Calories: 580 Protein: 49g Carbs: 60g Fiber: 8g Fat: 16g Sodium: 675mg

Bulk: Calories: 742 Protein: 62g Carbs: 74g Fiber: 10g Fat: 22g Sodium: 877mg

Pesto Turkey Sliders

Tender turkey breast roasted and pulled then tossed with a pesto mayonnaise topped with fresh spring mix and a tomato slice served with a side of carrot and celery sticks and a whole wheat slider bun.

Diet: Calories: 392 Protein: 42g Carbs: 32g Fiber: 6.4g Fat: 10g Sodium: 512mg

Maintenance: Calories: 490 Protein: 59g Carbs: 32g Fiber: 6.5g Fat: 13g Sodium: 588mg

Bulk Calories: 694 Protein: 74g Carbs: 57g Fiber: 10g Fat: 18g Sodium: 635mg

Sweet and Sour Boulettes

Our tasty ginger and garlic spiked beef meatballs simmered in our Thai inspired pineapple sweet and sour sauce with touches of cucumber and fresh tomato served over sesame noodles.

Diet: Calories: 382 Protein: 35g Carbs: 29g Fiber: 3g Fat: 14g Sodium: 494mg

Maintenance: Calories: 554 Protein: 44g Carbs: 54g Fiber: 4g Fat: 18g Sodium: 540mg

Bulk: Calories: 728 Protein: 49g Carbs: 79g Fiber: 5g Fat: 24g Sodium: 786mg

Thursday – Weekend Selections

*New Item* Chicken Artichoke Bake

Roasted, diced, chicken breast with artichoke hearts and a creamy Parmesan cheese blend baked until golden brown served with roasted carrots.

Diet: Calories: 400 Protein: 30g Carbs: 10g Fiber: 4.2g Fat: 10g Sodium: 419mg

Maintenance: Calories: 443 Protein: 40g Carbs: 14g Fiber: 5g Fat: 13g Sodium: 534mg

Bulk Calories: 607 Protein: 54g Carbs: 25g Fiber: 10g Fat: 18g Sodium: 635mg

*New Item* Turkey Ratatouille

Roasted turkey breast diced and served atop Ratatouille (stewed eggplant, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and celery) served over brown rice.

Diet: Calories: 341 Protein: 46g Carbs: 25g Fiber: 2.8g Fat: 5.6g Sodium: 340mg

Maintenance: Calories: 418 Protein: 55g Carbs: 33g Fiber: 3.3g Fat: 6.4g Sodium: 354mg

Bulk: Calories: 542 Protein: 66g Carbs: 51g Fiber: 4.1g Fat: 7.1g Sodium: 397mg

Almond Crusted Pork Chops

Center cut pork chops dredged in egg whites and coated with sliced almonds served with honey & cinnamon mashed sweet potatoes and green beans almondine.

Diet: Calories: 384 Protein: 34g Carbs: 20g Fiber: 5.7g Fat: 19g Sodium: 459mg

Maintenance: Calories: 475 Protein: 42g Carbs: 25g Fiber: 6.4g Fat: 23g Sodium: 574mg

Bulk Calories: 616 Protein: 51g Carbs: 41g Fiber: 8.7g Fat: 28g Sodium: 708mg

Chicken Marsala

Chicken cutlets seared and topped with mushroom and marsala wine sauce served with garlic roasted cauliflower and sliced sweet potatoes.

Diet: Calories: 368 Protein: 37g Carbs: 28g Fiber: 5g Fat: 12g Sodium: 304mg

Maintenance: Calories: 454 Protein: 46g Carbs: 36g Fiber: 6g Fat: 14g Sodium: 335mg

Bulk: Calories: 628 Protein: 57g Carbs: 64g Fiber: 11g Fat: 16g Sodium: 386mg

Chimichangas (Not Fried)

Braised beef tips with sautéed onions, peppers, tomatoes, and jalapenos, served over lettuce, pico, topped with plain yogurt and spinach tortilla.

Diet: Calories: 429 Protein: 38g Carbs: 14g Fiber: 2.8g Fat: 23g Sodium: 296mg

Maintenance: Calories: 497 Protein: 45g Carbs: 14g Fiber: 2.8g Fat: 28g Sodium: 320mg

Bulk Calories: 605 Protein: 54g Carbs: 20g Fiber: 4g Fat: 13g Sodium: 422mg

Flex Beef Taco Bowl

Ground beef simmered with tomato and southwest seasoning served over white rice topped with shredded lettuce, pico, cheddar cheese, and plain yogurt.

Diet: Calories: 390 Protein: 30g Carbs: 20g Fiber: 2.2g Fat: 23g Sodium: 472mg

Maintenance: Calories: 501 Protein: 46g Carbs: 21g Fiber: 2.4g Fat: 29g Sodium: 537mg

Bulk Calories: 600 Protein: 35g Carbs: 21g Fiber: 2.4g Fat: 35g Sodium: 560mg


Breakfast Selections

Breakfast: Nutella Peanut Butter Oatmeal

Steel cut oats topped with Nutella, peanut butter, shredded coconut, and granola.

Diet: Calories: 390 Protein: 15g Carbs: 62g Fiber: 8.9g Fat: 11g Sodium: 42mg

Maintenance: Calories: 424 Protein: 16g Carbs: 65g Fiber: 9.2g Fat: 14g Sodium: 58mg

Bulk Calories: 536 Protein: 19g Carbs: 73g Fiber: 10g Fat: 22g Sodium: 110mg

Breakfast: Peach Buckle

Made with multigrain flour this one is a cakey cobbler filled with seasoned diced peaches served with a side of fresh seasonal fruit.

Diet: Calories: 389 Protein: 6g Carbs: 45g Fiber: 2g Fat: 13g Sodium: 180mg

Maintenance: Calories: 432 Protein: 7g Carbs: 56g Fiber: 3g Fat: 16g Sodium: 183mg

Bulk: Calories: 500 Protein: 16g Carbs: 68g Fiber: 5g Fat: 20g Sodium: 200mg

Breakfast: Breakfast Sliders & Hash Browns

Scrambled eggs, pork sausage patty, cheddar cheese, on a whole wheat slider bun served with a side of hash browns.

Diet: Calories: 380 Protein: 25g Carbs: 28g Fiber: 4.5g Fat: 22g Sodium: 574mg

Maintenance: Calories: 540 Protein: 30g Carbs: 36g Fiber: 5g Fat: 25g Sodium: 580mg

Bulk: Calories: 608 Protein: 38g Carbs: 50g Fiber: 10g Fat: 35g Sodium: 650mg

Paleo Selections

Paleo: Grilled Sausage Bangers (Keto Friendly) *GF*

Smoked sausage bangers served atop mashed cauliflower and topped with sautéed onions, peppers and mushrooms. (Keto Friendly)

Diet: Calories: 293 Protein: 16g Carbs: 7g Fiber: 3g Fat: 21g Sodium: 495mg

Maintenance: Calories: 389 Protein: 20g Carbs: 9g Fiber: 3g Fat: 29g Sodium: 536mg

Bulk: Calories: 476 Protein: 24g Carbs: 14g Fiber: 4g Fat: 36g Sodium: 677mg

Paleo: Turkey Ratatouille

Ratatouille made with turkey and root vegetables.

Diet: Calories: 384 Protein: 45g Carbs: 32g Fiber: 5g Fat: 8.4g Sodium: 502mg

Maintenance: Calories: 454 Protein: 54g Carbs: 37g Fiber: 5.4g Fat: 9.5g Sodium: 512mg

Bulk: Calories: 573 Protein: 64g Carbs: 54g Fiber: 7g Fat: 11g Sodium: 594mg

Vegan Selections

Vegan: Teriyaki Tofu Stir Fry

Seared tofu served with stir fry veggies over brown fried rice.

Diet: Calories: 298 Protein: 14g Carbs: 29g Fiber: 4g Fat: 14g Sodium: 544mg

Maintenance: Calories: 444 Protein: 19g Carbs: 39g Fiber: 5g Fat: 17g Sodium: 655mg

Bulk: Calories: 629 Protein: 34g Carbs: 67g Fiber: 7g Fat: 25g Sodium: 686mg

Vegan: Marinated Portabella Mushrooms

Marinated portabella mushrooms seared and sliced served over sliced sweets and asparagus.

Diet: Calories: 248 Protein: 11g Carbs: 24g Fiber: 8g Fat: 12g Sodium: 166mg

Maintenance: Calories: 339 Protein: 18g Carbs: 33g Fiber: 9g Fat: 15g Sodium: 202mg

Bulk: Calories: 451 Protein: 28g Carbs: 42g Fiber: 10g Fat: 19g Sodium: 238mg

Vegetarian: Spinach Artichoke Quesadilla

Spinach, mushrooms, and artichokes sauteed and melted with Parmesan cheese blend with a spinach wrap.

Diet: Calories: 348 Protein: 16g Carbs: 31g Fiber: 6g Fat: 29g Sodium: 320mg

Maintenance: Calories: 441 Protein: 21g Carbs: 39g Fiber: 6.5g Fat: 36g Sodium: 330mg

Bulk: Calories: 553 Protein: 25g Carbs: 43g Fiber: 7g Fat: 43g Sodium: 403mg

Vegan: Ratatouille

Stewed eggplant, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and celery served over brown rice.

Diet: Calories: 281 Protein: 5.6g Carbs: 42g Fiber: 6.5g Fat: 11g Sodium: 530mg

Maintenance: Calories: 316 Protein: 7g Carbs: 50g Fiber: 7g Fat: 12g Sodium: 538mg

Bulk: Calories: 386 Protein: 8g Carbs: 64g Fiber: 8g Fat: 12g Sodium: 541mg

Keto Selections

Keto: Buffalo Chicken Wings

Buffalo chicken wings with carrot & celery sticks.

Diet: Calories: 280 Protein: 28g Carbs: 15g Fiber: 3g Fat: 12g Sodium: 350mg

Maintenance: Calories: 364 Protein: 35g Carbs: 20g Fiber: 3g Fat: 16g Sodium: 400mg

Bulk: Calories: 460 Protein: 44g Carbs: 26g Fiber: 4g Fat: 20g Sodium: 457mg

Keto: *New Item* Taco Zucchini Bowl

Taco seasoned beef stuffed inside a fresh zucchini baked and topped with cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, and plain yogurt with a side of seasonal veggies.

Diet: Calories: 425 Protein: 43g Carbs: 5.6g Fiber: 1.5g Fat: 25g Sodium: 530mg

Maintenance: Calories: 484 Protein: 51g Carbs: 5.8g Fiber: 2.5g Fat: 28g Sodium: 542mg

Bulk: Calories: 659 Protein: 64g Carbs: 7.7g Fiber: 3g Fat: 40g Sodium: 573mg

Dessert Selections

Dessert: Blueberry Cobbler
Dessert: Chocolate Walnut Brownies

Our fresh baked chocolate walnut brownies.

Diet: Calories: 336 Protein: 4.5g Carbs: 36g Fiber: 0g Fat: 21g Sodium: 247mg

Maintenance: Calories: 336 Protein: 4.5g Carbs: 36g Fiber: 0g Fat: 21g Sodium: 247mg

Bulk: Calories: 447 Protein: 6g Carbs: 48g Fiber: 0g Fat: 28g Sodium: 329mg